Here is what some of our clients are saying about WozzaWorks:

  • “Warren is a godsend. reliable as a rock, and a great sounding board. When I was stuck on how to bring my own story to life, Warren parted the clouds. teased out my thoughts. and made some ambitious & weird ideas utterly workable. I got exactly what I wanted (an online portfolio plus a playful interactive experience) and more. One year on, I still love my own website. and so do potential clients! Thank you, Wozzaworks!” – Jonathan Hughes, Wordzup
  • “Working with Wozzaworks to create my website was a wonderfully collaborative experience. Warren brought a lot of experience, ideas, and patience to the project, and he still does. I am very happy with my website and pleased too by the response to it” – Bill Franson, Bill Franson Photographer
  • “Warren is very approachable for the novice asking dumb questions, and he gives each question the same amount of time and patience until it is resolved. He certainly does what he says he is going to do in a timely manner. I feel he looks after his clients on all levels.” – Sally Munson, Munson Gallery
  • “Even though my background is in sales and marketing and over the past years I have worked with many web masters, I was still scared to death to put up my own web site. The cost! The logistics! The fine details! The time! WozzaWorks made it easy and cost effective. As a small business with a small bottom line I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of service and follow up I got for my buck.” – Caroline Geishecker, Chatham Coffee